Organizational Foundation


  • The Mother Daughter Workshop is designed to improve the relationship between mothers and daughters. This relationship suffers for many reasons, the primary reason is lack of communication. The communication mothers and daughters need is authentic, direct communication which requires mutual respect, effective leadership, and ample self-esteem.
  • The Mother Daughter Workshop will start the much needed dialogue between the two, defines the roles, clarifies responsibilities, roles and expectations, which are usually unspoken, overlooked and misunderstood.
  • The Mother Daughter Workshop requires honesty, genuine interest in the relationship and successful communication.
  • Proceed with caution: The Mother Daughter Workshop will change the circumstances of the Mother Daughter relationship. It will change the foundation of the Mother Daughter relationships. It will create power within the Mother Daughter relationship. It will generate respect within the Mother Daughter relationship. It will reunite hearts within the Mother Daughter relationships.

The Foundation

  • The MDCW defines the previously undefined and defied. A daughter’s main complaint is that I don’t know what she is talking about. This is a simple case of the foreign languages which they each speak.
  • The MDCW translates the actual dialogue spoken, written and texted. With texting being the latest and most frequently used communication by teens today. Some of the Mothers are a bit overwhelmed by the abbreviations. “ily” never meant so much to a teen but means nothing to a mother. However, a mother who doesn’t know what this means has created a huge communication issue. And doesn’t even know.
  • The MDCW translates the traditional values, lessons, and work ethic which mom has forgotten to share the associated, unspoken expectations, and consequently, creating tension between the two but never really sharing when and how it was created. “Clean your room” and “Clean your plate” will be among the traditional dialogues and expectations we will investigate.
  • Tears can be expected. Healing can be expected. Hope will be renewed. Love will be less stressful. Relationships will be restored. Drama eliminated. Pride discarded. Trust renewed. A spiritual revival is also expected.