Mission and Vision

The MDCW creates a safe place to discuss the current relationship status. Within the confines of that dialogue, many truths are investigated:

  • How each person feels about the other person
  • How each person wants  to feel about the relationship
  • The expectations of each person
  • Why are those expectations not being met
  • How can the distance be bridged
  • How much work is required for that reunion
  • What is she saying
  • What did I hear
  • What do I hope that she says
  • How do we reach a truce
  • How do we see each other’s best interests
  • How can we forgive? Authentically and genuinely?
  • As these truths are discovered, the relationship is renewed and restored. The new relationship is an example of what happens when effort is applied to the state of relationship and added to the courage to change.
  • The MDCW fosters growth, encourages progress and creates a process for the mother and daughter to work through their issues and needs.

The vision of the MDCW is to improve the relationships of 600 mother daughter teams each year.

We also seek to improve the lives they share.
The vision includes the growth of each party.
The vision includes the prospering of such an important, powerful relationship which they will share with others who need their testimony to survive.