ily! : I love you!

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ily, text language for I love you, is a profound space to do an awesome work! This workbook is designed to bring mothers and daughters closer together in better relationships.

The mother daughter pair sees major mountains and valleys. This workbook will share insight through the mother/daughter responses that will facilitate the growth of them both.

Be prepared for surprise and excitement, laughter and tears, joy and freedom, wisdom and encouragement.
Don’t be afraid to be transparent. Your courage is required. Your presence is commendable. Your dedication is inspiring. Your perseverance is outstanding.
Immerse yourself in each other in this study. You deserve this. No other relationship is like this one because you did not choose each other. You were chosen for each other.
Engage totally in the journey. It is worth every step! It is worth every tear! It is worth every moment! It is worth all the time it takes!

Gage requires honesty on these pages. Prepare to be transformed.

From me to we.
Then there were Two.
Love. Talk. Time.

A  Mother Daughter Relationship Workbook